I am Franco Oriti, born in 1963 in Texas QLD (AU), lived in Sydney (AU), Capo d’Orlando and Milan (IT) and I actually live in Lugano (CH).

This website belongs to me and is self-created and updated by myself.

I am an Expert of International Politics with a Uni Degree in International Political Science (Uni Milan) and specialized in International Public Law.

I also took part of the 12th Training Course for International and EC functions at the Italian Society of International Organizations (S.I.O.I., Milan).

I believe in the creation of the European Federation (E.F.) and to the integration of Europeans (“united in diversity”) because it is the only way to obtain stability, peace and a high level of lifestyle for all and trust that the whole World will become very soon united (World Federation, W.F.) for the same reasons becoming World Citizens only.

I make part of the “Movimento Federalista Europeo” and of the “Union of the European Federalists” since 1987.

The purpose here is to write a chrono-history of Europe (in details after World War II) and to insert interesting actual news, articles and debates that promotes the E.F and the W.F. I will also try to insert history cases of World Integration (such as the Roman Empire, Unions and Treaties actually in force) which will demonstrate that someone in this World copies Europe and thinks to Unite People and Countries and not to separate them arising borders only.

I will write and show here articles in English, Italian and/or French.

For professional items as an Intellectual Property Expert (I am a Swiss Patent, Design and Trademark Agent and an Italian and European Union Design and Trademark Attorney) you may also trace me through Linkedin and on www.oritipatents.ch

I apologise in advance if sometimes this website will not work correctly but I will highly appreciate your feedback on any item appearing here, thanks.